Uko Aje,

You need not run away, I just asked “how do you do?” in Swahili language of Kenya. Truthfully, how do you do? I come here sparingly recently but my mind is always with you. The beauty of life is to maximize every hour that you have, as such, when there are constraints, you will know that you have put your best foot forward in the past. Today is a good day!

As I customarily do, I will start with a story. There was an old man, he was not so rich but quite comfortable. He had two cars and he was handling these cars with utmost care. In fact, he did not allow his son to drive any of his cars until he returned from the mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). After a while, he took ill and passed on. These cars were used to roughly by his nephew after his death. Let’s consider, Finicky vs Blasé.

Finicky is a state of being very detailed about how certain things are done. A finicky person is usually a person of very high standard. Such people have a mindset of how his vicinity should look like and such people usually have a very strong retentive memory remembering the nitty-gritty about a lot of things. Finicky people are disliked because they do not leave any stone untouched in their daily living. As a matter of fact, careers that deal with human lives require people to be finicky, or else, human lives will be wasted indiscriminately.

Blasé is a state of living life as it comes. The nonchalant attitude of such people typically reflects in many ways. They have a dirty environment and it makes no meaning to them. They are loved by people because they don’t give a damn about how things pan out. What they lack many times is organizational skills and this is very crucial in other areas of life.

In all, we all need to strike a balance. A finicky person is perceived as domineering many times while a blasé person leaves everything to chance. There is a cost to both types of personality, however, we really need to weigh the pros and cons of both personality. A lot of people hide under the guise that they cannot change but, interestingly, there is a school of thought that does not agree to the postulation.

If it is considered as a temperament, activate helpful temperament that has been dormant in you and you will be glad you did!

Have a nice day.



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