M kana mon,

I have come to you today in the similitude of a Gokana man, one of the languages in Rivers State, Nigeria meaning "I salute You", while you will respond with "E zira" meaning "We return your salute."

In Nigeria, there has always been endless complaints about non-adherence to laws that should guide us in our daily lives as citizens. Earlier this year, an Associate Professor in the United States, Saheed Aderinto shared a memo stating that "a permit was required to slaughter domestic animals (even on religious festivals) in Nigeria. Source: West African Pilot, February 13, 1943." Is this 74 year old law effective in Nigeria? Let’s discuss Laws vs Acquiesce.

Laws according to the dictionary are the body of rules and standards issued by the legislative body, or to be applied by courts and similar authorities. Of a fact, all religious bodies have laws that guide their members.

Acquiesce means to accept or consent by silence. It is an agreement to abide by the laws governing a body either an association, state, country. Acquiesce hold sway on anyone within the geographical territory.  Unfortunately, ignorance is not an excuse in the court of law. 

We all know these words but we do not make them work. Laws would continually be on paper while we all act contrarily. The dis-functionality of the society can be resolved by adhering to the laws of the land.
Laws should help us to live a meaningful life and help us avoid regrettable tales. If religious tenets are adhered to, the world would be a better place.

Would we take to these laws (instructions) so that we do not suffer grave consequences?

Enjoy the rest of the day.



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