Ovre me,

Waking up on a Monday morning to see a Police officer break the windscreen of a commercial bus popularly called ‘danfo’, thereafter  boarding a bus where a passenger engage the bus driver and the conductor in a duel. This reminds me of the song of the late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti that says ‘lojo Monday, Eko o ni gba igbakugba’ meaning Lagos won’t accept rubbish on a Monday. Ovre me means my friend in Degema language in Rivers State of Nigeria.

There are many care-free people who care less about items that services them. A typical example is a car; there is no vehicle that cannot be used for 15-20 years. However, what makes the difference is the way the car is maintained. There are careful people who have been successful in using the same car used by careless people for decades; what makes the difference is the service pattern which can be ignored or given necessary attention.

Unserviced usage is very predominant in the lives of youths. Cars driven by youths are largely not well maintained. Why? All they understand is to ignite the vehicle and move; they would not want to check the gauges to know if the vehicle is in the best state to move. They ignore all warnings requesting for attention. Some of the consequences of unserviced usage include; totally breakdown of the machine or item; more expensive to repair, disappointment at the hour of urgent need and possibly replacement of the whole item.

Serviced usage is the conscious look out for repairs and servicing to prolong the lifespan of an item. Serviced usage is very deliberate. People who are aware of the need to service their items do it with all zeal. They understand the saying, ‘penny wise, pound foolish’. When they notice any strange sound; they would attend to it; they set reminders for the time when servicing should be done and attend to it passionately.

It is cheaper to be passionate about maintaining all you have as compared to running helter-skelter when the chips are down.

Have a well-serviced week.



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