Good Morning,

I am writing with joy to you today. I hope I am neither boring you nor clogging your box? Hope you have been enjoying your world cup matches and I hope the matches has been entertaining and not frustrating. Today is a good day to look at what we have neglected these days.

This is a young man who is so close to older people; he is so close to a fault. They have counsel him from time to time and he keeps behaving better than his peers. When the person he consults does not have the expertise that he requires, they would direct him to another person who is versed in what he needs help about, he is doing excelling to the amazement of his peers and he is not influenced by his peers or exhibit any form of peer pressure.

Staring from the shoulders is a state of attempting to see ahead with strain. Imagine standing on the toes for a lifetime when there are better comfortable postures in enjoy one’s lifetime. Staring from the shoulders is a phenomenon when you want to see ahead but your view is being blocked by taller people, which equally means experienced people. Another vivid example is being in a congregation and there are women with bowler hats and this hampers you from seeing the priest clearly. Learn think together if this is a better way of doing thing.

There are people who have gone ahead and their shoulders can be a good starting point. Many times, what they demand from us is the zeal to learn. When they see the zeal, they are willing to take us to any length. There is a Yoruba adage that says, “omo to ba sipa n’Iya re n gbe” which literally means, a child with an open arm will be carried by the mother. If you intend to see beyond your peers; do not hesitate to learn from the masters; do not stay aloof from those who can tutor you towards the goal you intend to achieve. There are professional examinations that can guide, there are senior professional colleagues that can take you higher, and there are professional organizations that can give you the “best” on-the-job-training.

As for me, I want to sit on the shoulders of those who had gone ahead so that I can see ahead and ask questions ahead of the real encounter. Do not hesitate to ask questions when you know that you are limited in getting the resolutions. The choices to stare from the shoulders or sit on the shoulders depend greatly on your stance.

Best wishes this week.

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