Hello Comrades,

I hope your month has been running  smoothly? I am hopeful that this month will continue to yeild good fruits for us all. Let’s be optimistic, we have great heights to mount and great feats to add to our caps.

Let’s think from the viewpoint of a driver today,  I remember then, when I was growing up, one of the popular vehicle brands in Nigeria, Peugeot, has just an external mirror. At some point, other brands added the second mirror which further beautified cars making it look like two ears. When one is driving, he learns about how to use the mirror because it aids your decision making. In fact, caveat exists on a mirror saying, objects are closer than they appear in the mirror. As a driver myself, I learnt a simple lesson which I intend to share with you.

Reproduction is when the mirror shows you what is behind as you drive. With what is viewed, you resolve either to change your lane, overtake a vehicle etc.  However, one would see that certain objects, when very close to a car, are not seen through the mirror. This is limiting! Accidents have happened when such decisions are made haphazardly, especially when the driver of the other vehicle is on top speed.

Realism is the actual result of your decision. Every decision comes with a consequence. Realism is clearer and not blur like what has been reproduced. A realist does not hypnotise; he is factual to a fault. A realist does avoid sharp mistakes by double checking; doing such, takes away some embarrassments.

Realism is what you see with your sight and not what you imagine; it is not assumed; it is not hearsay. Realism is the outcome that you grapple with after you make a decision. You cannot afford to depend on reflections, you don’t complain if all reproduced images fades off. Be true to yourself!

Let’s keep realism at heart and not overbear reproduced images.

Have a great week.

Best regards,


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