Hello Friends,

It is another season of the year when we all want to clear our tables for new tasks in the New Year. This season is full of visits, gifts, fun and travels. All I wish you is a memorable season filled with divine blessings.

I have come to you with a Yoruba proverb that goes thus; Oju kan ni bimo, igba oju ni wo, this means a children is born by a person but raised by many. There are scenarios that adequately depict the meaning of the proverb. The person raised by many might be an orphan or single parent. However, the list is inexhaustible. For example, at the inception of Western education in Nigeria; it could be a relative who is resident in the city that would adopt someone from his hamlet. This aided the acceptance and growth of education.

Raised by One is a situation in which one is raised by relatives both nuclear and extended. This type of raising is based on the experience and exposure of the people nurturing the child in question. There are some parents who enforce choice of career, mostly patterned after their profession, on their children. Also, they stretch themselves to ensure that a better tomorrow is built for the child.

Raised by All is a phenomenon in which many people are involved in the nurturing of a child. Such people might not be blood-related but everyone strives to ensure that such a child becomes successful. When one is raised by all, there are also limitations about financial support because many times, those people have their challenges as well. However, it is definite that they would ensure the best moral development of the child beyond what the direct parents would provide. There is a collaborating proverb about the moral training that, “Omo ti won o ba konile, ita ni won ti n ko” meaning a child without moral home training would be trained by outsiders.

I am an advocate of both schools of thought; a parent might not have enough time to give the moral upbringing to a child. Also, neighbours and acquaintances cannot give the financial support for the child but integrating the two schools of raising gives advantages in the areas of thought, reasoning, ability to take decision, give the best academically and raising a well-informed child.

As you end this year, be opened to being raised by both your immediate relatives and the community at large.

Season’s Greetings!



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