Dear friends,

It is a pleasure coming your way again this week. Hope you had a nice weekend? I enjoy doing what I do as I have seen my creative self delving into many times at the same time and I am seeing results. I will also want to appreciate those who have been reading this weekly series; you are the source of my encouragement up to the 81st article in the series.

This is the first part of this topic and it will continue from another angle next week. I have 2 friends; who started out in a small office and they had to agree to rent an apartment together. One paid for the apartment while the other bought furniture of the same amount. At a certain time, one of them wanted to get married and the other had to excuse the couple. The one who excused the other went with all his furniture and the apartment was empty again to some extent and unfortunately, he lost some items to his friend. It is a world of mine and ours!

Mine is a situation when you have absolute control over what you possess, this implies that nobody can claim the ownership of it apart from you. However, there is a mistake is commonly made especially by siblings that what is mine is ours but there are exceptions to this rule. What is mine would definitely match my taste; not necessarily yours and I will be wholly responsible to and for it.

Ours is a phenomenon where we jointly own something. This is mainly when we make the purchase together; inherit a property together amongst others. Ours is a situation two parties have equal access to a particular thing. However, many a times, nobody is willing to talk responsibility or one mismanages it at the expense of others.

In order not to make bitterness thrive or have ill-feelings towards others. I will implore you to focus on developing your personality, asset and in fact (net)worth. There are hundreds of people who have left properties and many other valuable to the less-privileged because they have grown beyond the “old assets” bequeathed unto them.

I will focus on mine and not on ours so that the best in me can emerge!

Have a great week ahead.


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