Idun nyin,

That’s what Ibibio people in Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria say which means “My People.” So, I am asking my very dear people, how are you at this season of the year? 2014 is winding up and we all anticipate 2015 which is an election year in Nigeria. At the time of writing, election primaries are being rounded off gradually with intrigue of who would hold a political office for 2015. Whatever, it is my desire is that none of us will be missing pre and post-elections.

Let’s think together today around qualification with lots of certificates and justifying the certificates. Some decades ago when my grandparents and a few opportune people were students; they became teachers after completing Standard 6. In our days, Standard 6 can be likened to Primary 6. The question that comes to mind is, “what was the content of their curriculum that made them have the ability to teach immediately after Standard 6?”

Afterwards, the need to become trained at the Teachers Training College to become a Grade 3 teacher; it proceeded to Grade 2, later on Nigerian Certificate of Education. However, I found out that some of those who went through this mode of education can speak better English; write perfectly and likewise teach satisfactorily. Contrary, today’s graduate can neither speak good English nor write correct sentences. What is the cause of this; justified qualification or un-defendable qualification.

Justified Qualification is a situation when educated people justify the certificate they have obtained. Such people might not be very certified but their output in life is worth that of a professor. Those who justify their qualifications usually become champions in all areas of human endeavor; they are peer leaders; they are people who others hold in high esteem and their words become wise sayings.

Un-defendable qualification is the unfortunate inability of a person to justify his certificates. Imagine, hearing a first class graduate, especially in the humanities, who is unable to speak correct English. One would endlessly contest how he made it the result. The Yoruba would say, “A ki fi ni joye awodi, ko ma le gbe ediye” meaning one should not be a hawk that cannot pick up a hen.

I want to challenge you on two things; firstly justify the certificates that you have with you; at the workplace and everywhere you are confronted about it. Secondly, maximize the certificate; if you have a certificate ensure that it gets you the very best available for your personal growth. There are people who never had the opportunity of amassing certificates but they became the pride of their community through writing and other arts.

I will close this discussion by inspiring you with the life of Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey-Fabiyi; he became a Music Maestro and based on his experience; he was made a Professor of Music at Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU), Ogun State, Nigeria.

Make the best use of your “little” certificate and not just accumulating it. May your certificates be profitable and your endeavor be rewarding.



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