ụtụtụ ọma,

That is “Good Morning” in Igbo language South-Southern part of Nigeria. I hope you enjoyed the long weekend? It was more chores for me and I enjoyed it. It is back to business as norm and I am finding that engaging as well. The first challenge for today, do not stop creation because you are created to create what the next generation needs.

As an employee, there are many ways of being compensated for your service to a particular company. It could be in form of benefits, long service award and so on. These rewards are not for people who work for few years and move on to other companies. What is the difference between immediate benefit and accumulated benefit? Let’s proceed.

Immediate benefit is a situation wherein someone would want to possess everything at once. Many times, this has been described by elderly people as a situation where a young man would want to achieve all his parents could not achieve in 35 years of meritorious service in one day. If he has a good job; there is no problem but if it is through a fraudulent means; then, it is morally wrong and attracts grievous consequence.

Accumulate benefit is a phenomenon of being slow but steady. I would illustrate from the life of a teacher. Accumulated benefit comes over the years; it is not a magic wand methodology. A typical example is a teacher who is not well paid but you will envy the success because of the systematic planning. It is a step at a time; the children would be trained within the available means; own a small house and a car. Yes, that might not be the peak of life but they have got the fundamentals. They have been able to get all they need by gradually accumulating their meagre pay. The little you own when judiciously managed can accumulate substantially.

The benefit of advancing one step at a time accumulates more than rushing to attain everything at once. The pride of being a dedicated staff is greater than being a fraudster. The wisdom in attaining feats progressively is better than being arrested for financial impropriety.

Do you want it to accumulate or you want it immediately? Make a choice.

Have a great week ahead.


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