E kaaro o,

That simply means “Good morning” in Yoruba language. I am sure to get chastised by the 1st speakers of the language because I do not have the tonal marks that give the same word different meanings.

Today, I will be looking at power from a deadly angle and the other perspective. For every man (including woman), there is a time when one has the ability to pursue dreams with vigour during the vibrant stage of life. The person would attain power and position, however for every man, life can either demand for the power in different ways while one has a choice to relinquish power like the erstwhile President of Nigeria, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

Hijacked Power is when a man leaves a position of authority through death, coup d’état (in the military), or loss of job. There are situations when the game changer, the quintessential boss get to be the target of these occurrences and it causes grief for benefactors. Hijacked power is a situation when a man would be pulled/dragged out or shown the way out forcefully.

Relinquishing Power is a situation when a honourable man leaves the position when the ovation is loudest; when the man understands that his ability cannot sustain the challenge of the position at a certain time. It is an opportunity for the man to give room to others to perform optimally. Relinquishing power gives room for roles such as Adviser, Consultant and Chairman in the Boardroom.

What is the rationale of today’s discourse; there is a need to understand that there is a time for everything. Do not clinch to power as if you will never let go of it; if you do not let go; it will unbound itself from you one day. African leaders do not understand this by the way they tenaciously hold on to power attempting to become monarchs from elected offices. Whenever you feel glued to power ask yourself this question, “Where are those who held this title years ago?”

Power Would Definitely Change Hands but there is wisdom in relinquishing than having it hijacked.

Have a great week and a smooth transition to July


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