Nndewo enyi,
Don’t be scared, it is “hello friends” in Igbo language, South-Eastern zone of Nigeria. Hope you had a nice weekend? I wish you a great week ahead. Hopefully, this week will bring us closer to the realization of our dreams.
Let’s consider one of what we had always known today: half-full versus half-empty. This is a lesson from the life of any container; be it a bottle, cup, drum and even tank. Let us dig further.
Half-Full means believing that there is room for improvement, a cup being half-full means the situation is viewed from a positive angle. Considering that the cup is half-full gladdens one’s heart to endure till it eventually gets full. If the situation is deteriorating and it is seen as half-full, one would do everything to salvage the situation. Half-full is positive in outlook and disposition.
Half-Empty is depressing in itself; it means that you are seeing it from the negative perspective. When one considers it as being half-empty, one might assume that it will be completely depleted in minutes so one can afford to leave it to rot away.
How many things have you considered half-full? How many things have you considered half-empty? Let’s be positive to everything. You have the opportunity to be positive, even to situations that injured you! That does not sound good, right? Be positive to what makes you laugh and also receptive to what you would not ordinarily like as well. Life is a mix of both.
Your judgment of being half-full or half-empty is from the same source. Your perspective to your situation makes you see it as a learning process or as awful lesson and this, in turn, determines what you make out of it.

Enjoy your week.
Best regards,

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