Aba die,

That is ‘Hello’ in Ibibio language of the Akwa-Ibom State, Nigeria. Hope you had a nice weekend? Mine was hectic but fun because I was engaged in activities that I enjoy. I pray that we would have a great week ahead.

Have you even seen companies that look really great in terms of branding, advertising, public relations and the carriage of the management staff but when you strike a conversation with a low-cadre staff; you will be blow off but the inability of the company to live up to external expectation.

External perception is the overall packaging done by a company for both the stakeholders and non-stakeholders to see and this usually forms the bedrock of people’s opinion about the company. There are some companies that have award-winning handbills, websites, social media handles and buildings. All of these attract potential clients and even make students dream of working in such places after their academic pursuit.

Insider’s reality is the ‘web’ that people get into after they have been employed by these companies. There are major realities in the Nigerian job space which include unpaid salaries; unfulfilled promises made in the employment contract and ultimately payment of pensions (which is statutory) but never remitted.

For people seeking employment, it is advisable to find an insider to tell you of their experience(s) in the particular organization because you might find it difficult to opt out after running into this ‘web’. Also, for those who intent to take up new roles in another company; it is equally important to ask questions from people within the same industry. Someone would know someone who knows something about the company and her history.

Lastly, for every entrepreneur, the loyalty of your staff and the recommendation of your company to others is based solely on their experience, as much as you can, ensure that you make a delicate balance between the external perception and insider’s reality.

May it be a blessed week for everyone.



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