I throway Salute,

This is the pidgin version of saying; with all due respect.

Welcome to the month of March, it seems we started the year some weeks ago but it is running out fast. Hope you are fine? I hope you had a fun-filled weekend. God in His mercies will rescue our land from all form of insurgence.

Today, we would be considering what is already known. Let’s discuss edifying words versus babbling. Edifying words are the words that appease, lead, guide, encourage and stir up people’s mind towards positive thinking. People who speaks edifying words are always sought for advises, they are sought for solutions and they are endeared to many.

Babbling is a situation that when people are yelled at, speaking to people without caution, one does not care about whose ox is gored. People who are involved in babbling usually scare people away, people hate them, people who babble do not get the desired result and they depress others most times. The Yoruba people have a way of describing people with edifying words as “oro Ire”.

I would encourage you for this week and every day of life to have edifying words, it is one of the mighty instruments that would change the world. We can start it now, we can imbibe this culture now and we can continually do it.

Let’s choose to edify others whenever we have the opportunity.

Best wishes in March.

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