Hello All,
Congratulations to all men who are opportuned to see the 2015 edition of the Fathers Day. The category of men include: the bachelors, expectant fathers, fathers, grandfathers and widowers. I am happy to be a part of these men and I know you will agree with me that I am going to write something that will prick us all. Let’s read: Donating vs Fathering.
When a man approaches a lady for a relationship; his love for her might be 80% while that of the lady is 20%. When the relationship starts, the lady’s love rises to 80% while that of the man goes as low as 20%. This accounts for many things that happens subsequently.

Donating is a situation when a man impregnates a lady and forgets his donation. This is not just for people that do this as teens but it also happens to men who have wives. Donating is an occurrence when men do not care about their families; they act as “fertilizers”. These men are not better than those whose sperms are donated for In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Do not get me wrong, I am not saying anything about IVF.
Fathering is one of the most tasking and rewarding job on earth. A father is someone who cares greatly about his family. A father is someone who does exactly what he wants replicated. A father is the best support for every member of the family. A father is someone who knows the weakness of everyone and can help maximize potentials. A father is someone who aids the dreams and visions of everyone within the family. He would be there at all times.
I won’t say more than this, if you are donating, donate right! Before you donate, think about the responsibility of fatherhood. Don’t be one of those who are the basis of population increase without an increase in the value to the society. For those, who are fathering, let’s continue because the reward is some meters ahead.
Once again, Happy Fathers Day.
Best wishes this week.

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