Siku Njema,
That is Good day in Swahili language, South Africa. Hope you had a great week? I feel so blessed every July because I have landmark accomplishments that last a lifetime, to be precise, I got a job in July; got married and many more. I appreciate God for all my testimonies.

My experience with the job I got some “Julys” ago; made me come up with today’s discussion; Contract staff versus Permanent staff. Many young people abhor this term but it is a reality that we have to live with presently as capitalist wishes. Let me paint a scenario, a group of staff in a company put themselves together to vent their anger about their condition of service but when the companies spokesperson would address the press; the company expressed their displeasure about the conduct of these disgruntled people who were unfortunately staff of a service provider; that is all! This now reminds me of someone’s saying, “it is easier for someone to come from another company and be recruited as a permanent staff than for a contract staff to cross the hurdle”.

Contract staff evolved out of a cost cutting process and profit maximization idea for companies. Unfortunately, the contract staffs are employed by a “service provider” which is usually a part of the group of companies. The service provider determines the role you play, your progression; your entitlements while the firm where you are seconded to provide the work tools and space. Regrettably the job description might be the same. There are some companies that have different ID cards but some do not differentiate. Some of the cadre of staff in this category include Customer Care Executives, Janitorial services, Chauffeurs, at times, Engineers and a whole lot of others.

Permanent staff are employed by a company to be their employee. The company determines everything about her staffing through her distinct Human Resources process. Permanent staff have an air of superiority around them believing that they cannot be disengaged like the contract staffs. The permanent staff receive jumbo pay amongst other entitlements. A fortunately few transit from being a contract staff to a permanent staff.

Today’s discourse is all about opportunities; both permanent and contract staff usually attend the same school; they patronize the same market; they shop from the same market but the official disparity remains constant. However, everyone is a CONTRACT staff. There are no one who cannot be disengaged from the job despite the position, even the CEO, in an organization.

It is imperative to be wise enough regardless of the titles; that who think they are permanent should be weary less they fall and those who are contract should brace up to move up the ladder.

The encouragement is that contract staff should not be too relaxed because the time spent with the appellation might positively or negatively impact on their career advancement.

Have a nice week.

Kind regards,


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