Last week was defined by a friend as a ‘mid-term’ for workers, it was at the beginning of the second half of the year so the holiday felt so good, so short and I felt like it should continue. However, the economy suffered largely for it. I just greeted you in Shona language of Zimbabwe saying ‘Hello’.

There is a story of a fairly old female trader who buys her goods from people who are as young as her children. As an African, this act was extraordinaire as many elderly people cheat younger ones. They feel very important when she addresses them with respect and this made it easy for her to get whatever she wants from them. She mentioned one day, ‘I do not feel foolish by respecting them because it deducts nothing from me. They have even respected me more because of my lifestyle. Being respectful is beneficial to the humble at every point in life.’ Let us think together as we consider Bloated Ego versus Massaged Ego.

Bloated Ego is the state of thinking that you are larger than life; you assume the state of sufficiency believing others need you more than you need them. A person who has a bloated ego thinks that his exposure is better than that of others; the opportunities open to him are not there for others. A person with a bloated ego can be seen to others as overconfident, presumptuous and an independent island that needs no support.

Massaged Ego is the state of coming down from your ‘heights’ to the level of others thereby making them feel important and motivated. There is nobody on earth that does not love to be treated with some level of respect and dignity. Massaging the ego of others is the sure way of attracting favour from people. It helps you to reach your desired goal because everyone would love to assist when a favour is requested.

We all protect our ego in various ways; we do not want it to be bruised. Unfortunately, the ego of many people has been abused by others; it could lead to unforgiving spirit; perpetual bitterness and hatred. We need to carefully bloat our ego and balance it by massaging the ego of others.

Have a great week ahead.



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