Hello Folks,

It is an opportunity coming to you again through this medium. It was a great weekend of personally induced stress for me. Nonetheless, I look forward to a very rewarding week. I will implore you to attempt to make someone happy this week in your own little way.

This week, we would be working on a simple thing that we know very well. It is Before vs After.

Before, as we all know, is the event that precedes the current experience. Before happens to be the past that can be shared. Before is captured in many ways:  pictures, books, videos and even in memory. Before helps to appreciate the new situation one is in; before also could come in many ways: marital, health, academics and many more.

After might not necessarily mean the current experience but the immediate change that came after the before in question. For example, the after of a ‘slim’ bachelor could be a ‘fat’ married man whose wife is being praised for the change in his size. Some after stays with one for a lifetime, some after could be ephemeral.

The drift of before and after. I know that before is what business moguls pride themselves in; entrepreneurs tell you of the before and after through pictures especially make-up artists. You need to ensure that your after is much more better than your before. You do not have to get lazy now; you still have an after and your present situation can be before.

If you do not have a vision, you might not know the difference between your before and your after. If you are not challenged by what is happening around you; you might not picture an after. I am hopeful that many situations around me will soon become before and I am waiting for a very bright after.

Join me in this journey for an after that is positively impacting with good memories of my before.

Have a great week ahead.

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