Hello Sirs and Mas,

It is the 1st day in May, people had devised an acronym for the month, MIRACLES AWAITS YOU. You will receive miracles all the days in this month in Jesus’ name. (Amen)
I am coming a little late this week because of some commitments. I just learnt something different  in a detailed way during this week and I feel it would be useful for us. I have been told this statement before, “learn to lose the battle and win the war”. Let’s examine, war versus battle today.

Battle, in this sense, is not with lethal weapons but let’s see it in the perspective of the journey of life, which is a struggle. It is a struggle to emerge as the best in the midst of rivals. It is a stumbling block to get a job after writing a test and attending the interview, it is a struggle to satisfy your employer, it is a struggle to change your spouse, it is a struggle to impress your peers. The battle of life is all about a barrier to a dream. For example, you will be challenged as you manage to combine schooling with working, your will have frictions because of it. If you drop out, you have lost the battle.

War, also, is a tool to test tenacity. War could develop from the battle but your resolve is to win regardless of the situation. Like the previous example, now that the battle is there, if you will win the war. You would endure the hardships and the insults in order to obtain the certificate. If you drop out based on these tests, then you have equally lost the war. There are other situations of life that will test your ability to stand and that is the real war of life. You need to be resolute that you will be the best, get what you want and even win laurels.

I have made up my mind to win my wars, it comes gradually. It is not a one-off affair neither is it an easy task. You have to learn how to stand in terrible times, do not cry over split milk but find a way of getting another tin of milk. Do not leave your dream to be crushed by others by losing the battle. It is left for you to win the war and move beyond the battle. When the battle-line is drawn, the target should be winning the war.

Go and WIN the WAR this new month.


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