National dual carnage-way,                                                         Tarred but with ridges,
                As if waiting for the famer’s seeds.                                      Traffic signs uprooted for cloth lines,
Bridge railings for iron pots.                                                                                   Pitholes called potholes.
Every commutal dodges to cause others peril,    No matter the caution or how skillful,
Traffic agents like forest guards,                                               Safety agency witch haunting,
                                The nightmare gangster lace the road:     Having their time, turn and locale,
All shapes and sizes on wheels patronize,                                             Massively crossing lanes,
                                Intimidating beautiful crafts,                                       Flinging them like paper,
Crushing them at brake’s failure,                                                                              Abyss abound,
                                                Shortcut to demise.                                            Marketers of all motives
Not intimidated by forest.                                                                      Religious routes to trodden traffic,
                Gateway to the commercial nerve.                                          Annex to residential shortage,
Cash cow for foresight felas.                                                                       National Dual Carnage-Way

4th June, 2013

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