I got touched now reading through the marriage vow and I saw that the roles of the couple have been stated in it and it is explicit enough,
The man’s role is,
“…to love her, comfort her, honour, keep and
Forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto her”

The woman’s role is,
“Obey him and serve him, love, honour, keep him
and forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto him”

it is difficult for a man to love, he could change his mind easily but his vow is to Love her, comfort (the explanation of this is in the next act after the vows has been done, her father handed his daughter out to the Priest who is representing God and the Priest hands her over to the groom, this signifies, care for her the way her physical and Heavenly Father care for her
The nature person finds it difficult to submit because you reason like him but it is your duty to obey, serve him (a wife is equally a heir of the promise but it is interesting if she happens to be a Secretary or an attendant to someone and she refuses to do the same to the man she vowed to serve).

Honour, Keep and forsaking others.

Honour means to respect, cherish, adore, protect, preserve. How do our men honour their wives? How do our women honour their husbands? I would say that the submissiveness strenght of a woman also determines how he would be able to honour, keep and forsake others. I am sure that I would have views that say, some men won’t just be sane regardless of how submissive the lady is? Satisfy him with submission and let’s see if he would not eventually become humble.

Keeping is very easy; objects that we cherish are adorned, treasured, kept and protected from intrusion. So using this inference, we are to adorn, treasure, keep and protect your spouses on all sides.
Forsaking others is what most people find difficult to do, ladies want to keep old associations at the expense of her marriage, the man wants to keep their mother informed of all new happenings within the home. Remember, that simple role, a man shall leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife. 
Forsake associations, hobbies, activities that make you to forsake your spouse.

Latest, you should not miss Heaven because you married. Keep these deep vows made in few lines and with few words in mind as a guiding principle.

May God bless our marriages!

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