I got scared at my first discovery of what was achieved at age 30 despite obstacles in the life of Joseph and since then I kept musing on other people who had made significant exploit at the age of 30 in the Bible. The definitions that I found about 30 in the scripture as explained by Bible scholars are “denotes in a higher degree the perfection of divine order, as marking the right moment, it also represent the perfect balance in the cosmic organization, it pictures dedication, it also portrays the blood of Jesus, it is a symbol of authority, leadership and rulership.”I am calling this the Biblical expectations at 30 based on the attainment of the Bible characters.

Joseph in the book of Genesis went through a lot of hurdles to his promised land. He caught the vision at a very young age and wandered in darkness brought unto him by his brothers. It seemed that he had been locked up but favour kept opening doors unto him in the dungeon and eventually he became a Vizier at age 30. I will want you to think about it in this light, have you caught a vision that has set your life ablaze? He dependent on God are you? How faithful are despite the odds? God will make you attain lofty heights at 30.

Another person that made a made a significant attainment in life is David. David started out as a boy in his father’s house as a shepherd who gave all to fight all carnivorous animals as he tended the flock. He had older siblings who were in the army of Saul. They were feasting in the war zone and could not attack the enemies. David went there and made himself known to the King by his insistence on fighting the giant who has defiled the God of Israel. He won the battle. He is a singer and poet in the Bible. David was made a King at age 30. How are you getting prepared for what God has in stock for you? Hope you are not in search of corners to cut? Hope you are bold enough to confront what is wrong and unnecessary? God will help us to diligently learn our lessons as we proceed in life.

John the Baptist, the forerunner of the Lord Jesus also commenced his ministry at 30. He was fervent such that despite where he resides, people came to meet him there. They listened to the sermons calling them to salvation, they were directed to Jesus, he diminished as Jesus increase. Do you give all the glory to God? Do you show Christ to others? God must increase and we must decrease.

Jesus, our Lord and savior, born into a manger as a lowly being, came through a Carpenter and the Virgin Mary. He started what God really sent him to do at age 30. He had started in bits, his rare type of wisdom has attracted the rabbis in the temple. He accomplished the greatest part of the ministry from the age of 30. The challenge that he is posing to us is this, are we living in according to his purpose for our lives? Are we conscious of our earthly assignment? Are we ready to beginning the Master’s will?

Other striking features about 30 in the scriptures will be discussed now:
The children of Israel wept for thirty days at the death of Moses Deut 34:8. What other nation mourning would be befitting than this? Moses led the Israelite out of Egypt, through the wilderness and on the way to the Promised land, he gave up. We should know that when we have regard for someone or something. We do everything as a memorial.

In the details of the ark built by Noah, the specified height is 30 cubits and he did it as instructed. The lesson to be learnt from here is that, whatever instruction that we are given must be followed to the letter. As a Christian, all of what is expected of you in the Bible, are you living up to it? Are you an ardent lover of Christ? Do we carry our cross daily? Luke 9:23

In the book of Exodus, we can see that the children of Aaron and were dedicated to serve God from the age of 30. This connotes that at age 30, it is expected of us to have a stand about our faith. If you will be a Christian; be faithful to it and if you are not a Christian, let it be known. There is a brief reminder for us all about being lukewarm, Rev 3:16 about the Laodicean congregation. You have a choice to be steadfast and remain your sonship in Jesus Christ. By 30, your faith must be steadfast; you must be burning with fervor for the Lord.

Imagine the cost of our Lord Jesus Christ through a greed folk called Judas Iscariot for just 30 pieces of silver, Mat 27:3, even if those who had benefitted from his miracles were to pay it would worth much more. He was the treasurer of the disciples, it is assumed by Bible scholars that he was the person suggesting that the ointment used on Jesus in Matthew 26:8-10 but Jesus made it known that she did it for his burial. However, Jesus, being a savior laid down his life like it has been written in the book of Exodus 21:32 about the cost of an ox to the owner if it pushes a manservant or maidservant. So never be greedy to attain at age 30.

Bible scholars also pointed it out that Paul was converted at age 30 and this is beginning of his apostolic ministry. We need to know that the zeal in which he was using to persecute was brought forward into the Christian faith and he aggressive won nations to Christ which we have lost to Islam now because we have no passion for the gospel. At 30, where is your passion for the lost ones. Kindly start from your home and you will affect generations yet unborn.

I bring it to a close by saying that all these people never completed the race at 30. It was the peak of commencement, it was the start of another beginning, it was the gateway unto manifestation of their prosperity, and it was the fulfillment of their dream. God will help us, give us the auction to function in the aura of another lifestyle that from age 30. We will move on to heights that cannot be disdained by the enemies or demoted in life. Best wishes through Christ our Lord in the journeys of your thirties.

Yours in Him!

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