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Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Royal Accountant Goes to the Greatest Accountant

Another distinct and great King in Yorubaland has gone to join the ancestors, Oba Samuel Adegboyega Osunbade, Adeyelu II, JP, FCIS, FCA, the Olugbon of Orile-Igbon. A well-educated monarch with high official and personal profile changed the face of Orile-Igbon, Surulere Local Government of Oyo State with his expertise and zeal to uplift the exalted throne and the land of his fathers.

Historically, the stool of the Olugbon was among the top provincial rulers of the Oyo kingdom. However, Igbon was one of early casualties of the destructive forces unleashed on the Kingdom from the beginning of the nineteenth century by Afonja. By 1830, the Igbon community had scattered, and a section of its people, with the Olugbon, had found refuge in Ogbomoso, his predecessor, Oba Akanni started the resettlement efforts at Orile-Igbon and after the instalment of the Oba Osunbade on the 24th of July 1992, he continued the resettlement efforts with notable strides. According to Osuntokun and Oduwobi in The Merchant Prince and the Monarch, Oba Oladunni Oyewummi, the Soun of Ogbomosoland.

The strides of the 21st Olugbon, Oba Osunbade to Orile Igbon was in diverse folds, this include, the removal of the consent of the Soun when subsequent Olugbons will be installed as recommended by the Oloko Commission of Inquiry emphasised that the Olugbon ranked second to the Alafin in the state in terms of traditional hierarchy. The King also embarked on a quest to have Orile-Igbon as headquarters of a newly established local government in 1996 which was a great feat for his people and subsequently, he became the Vice Chairman of the Oyo State Council of Obas. Many developmental projects that have attracted the siting of various government agencies in the community largely based on his philanthropic gestures.

The monarch with a flourishing accounting practice in the metropolitan city of Lagos was prepared for all the struggles with government institutions for all these visible developments of Orile-Igbon. As a student in England, he was the General Secretary of All African Students Union and also the President of the Nigerian Union of Students in England and Ireland, this afforded him the opportunity to visit a lot of African countries. In 1967, he led a delegation of Nigerian students from England to pay a visit to the General Yakubu Gowon –led Federal Military Government to intervene in the national crisis at the out­break of the civil war.

I had the opportunity of meeting the monarch in his Ogbomoso home located on Ikoyi road by his 3-star hotel, Olugbon Hotel. He greatly encouraged me when I embarked on the noble course of writing the biography of my maternal grandfather who was his spiritual father while he was the under shepherd of First Baptist Church, Okelerin, Ogbomoso. The ever-accommodating King was glad to contribute to book and he wished me success. He received my calls whenever I called him and he gave his contribution to the book to Olajide Akinsola, my very good friend. As described by Revd Okesiji, Oba Osunbade truly cared about the work of God and his leadership charisma was evident in his wisdom regularly doled to other traditional rulers around him. He was not a hindrance to anyone within and outside his community who worshipped the triune God.

Unfortunately, the great story of a noble King and activist had a dark lining when the King was bereaved in 2012 when his son, Prince Aderoju Osunbade, died in the ill-fated air crash. This deeply affected the well-celebrated monarch till he eventually gave up the ghost on the 14th October 2016.

The Royal Accountant credited with glowing tributes from across the globe as a boardroom colossus, a traditional ruler of repute and a devoted Baptist has completed his terrestrial 82- year race. The King served both divinity and humanity. He has transited to the Greatest Accountant who will reckon his final ledger.

Kabiyesi Olugbon ti saye re;  yoo si sorun ire! Fare thee well, Sir.


Lagos, Nigeria.
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Friday, January 13, 2017


Image result for Where lies your strength?

During one of my daily transit to my office; I saw different people with different modes of ferrying goods of various sizes to different places and this title came into my heart. I had to reflect and research into what can be done with our strength and the Biblical story of Samson will be a great starting point.

The book of Judges talks the entire story of this young man from his birth. Samson was an uncommon son because he was one of the seven great men in the Bible with a miraculous birth. His parents were barren, his mother had an angelic visitation, she narrated her encounter to her husband and he prayed that he wanted to experience this visitation and the Lord granted his request- Judges 13. However, Samson was a little careless about his life; a heady young man who abandoned the wise counsel of his parents about marriage and that was where his strength was discovered. The warning of his parents can also be substantiated with the words in Pro 31:3 ‘Give not thy strength unto women, nor thy ways to that which destroyeth kings.’

The covenant of being a Nazarite to God from the womb to the day of his death was upon him. He started out well carrying out the divine mandate until he ran into Delilah who was the third lady in the third chapter of reading about him. Delilah, a Philistine lady, was approved by the enemies to know the source of his strength, they had seen that his exploits were not earthly but divine, however, they have discovered that his weakness is women and they have found a bait for him.
There are some basic lessons from his life which we can learn as we reflect on where our strength lies:

Be careful about where you invest your strength. There are two sides to this point. You may invest your strength in productive or destructively places. As youths, we should remember that our glory is our strength as described in Pro 20: 29 which reads thus ‘The glory of young men is their strength; and the beauty of old men is the grey head’

Be careful who you share your strength with. Judges 16:5.  Why is this critical, like the Yorubas would say, ‘eni afe la mo, a o mo eni to n soni’. He never knew they were on his trail using his wife as the bail. We need to carefully and prayerfully select our associates in business; spouses in marriage; career and spiritual partners because they will definitely know our strength through what we are passionate about or what we say to them.

How did get into Samson’s life? They set him up; they told his wife to entice him why because a wise woman buildeth her house; but the foolish plucketh it down with her hand. Pro 14:1. The part of building of her home is what we usually read about the virtuous woman in Pro 31. The motive of the enemy is to discover his strength; prevail against him and afflict him.

Discovering your strength has a price tag. The lady was promised money if she can surrender Samson into their hands; she made three frantic attempts before getting him into the hands of the enemies. These attempts were accompanied by fake tears, assumptive humiliation, insincere love and sweet words. Judges 16:15. It was a do or die affair for Delilah!

The strength to keep secrets lie in the heart. Judges 16:17 says ‘that he told her all his heart’; NIV translation says ‘he told her everything.’  He gave in; he caved in and he said it all. We usually give everything in our heart to our own perdition that brings the real humiliation. A humiliation party was organized for Samson in Judges 16:20-21.

The Lord is still merciful. The following happened at the final hour of Samson, he said a prayer of repentance in vs 22. His strength came again and he killed more people than he ever had the strength to kill. However, he died in the process which is the sting of sin for disobeying his parents and the revelation of his strength.

We do not know those trying to pick our words; we have to be careful and observant so as not to divulge our secrets to spies. We need to be spiritually alert and sensitive to track repetitive issues in our lives through certain avenues. Be careful in issues that relates to where your strength lies!
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Wednesday, January 04, 2017


E ku ayo odun o!

I have come to you as a Yorùbá man greeting you with all pleasure now that we are in the New Year. May the year unfold with great goodies for us. Amen.

There are many Nigerians in the gaol in different parts of the world not necessarily because they have committed a heinous crime but for their acts of lawlessness. Today, we would be considering this in a very poignant way: Your territory vs Others Territories.

Your territory is your domain where you have a full understanding of the place. This include the language, the culture, the people and the law enforcement agents. For example, law enforcement agents in Nigeria can easily be bribed while this is not applicable in some other nations. In the same vein, it can be as small as your room.

Others territories can be likened to a strange land. A country that is not of one's birth neither is the person conversant with the way of life in that community. Others territory must be carefully examined before claiming to have a deep understanding of the place.

A Yorùbá saying goes thus "ile ti ookun re o toju eni su, a ki rin oru e" meaning the path were you are not conversant with must not be walked in the dark. 

The crux of today's discussion is that you must be careful to carry the right attitude in and out of your territories. Different things happen in different cities and you do not necessarily have to carry the experience of your home territory into other territories for they might not be governed by different extreme rules. Be observant and act accordingly to the rule in other territories. What is acceptable in your territory might be a crime in others territories.

When you are in Rome, behave like the Romans.

Enjoy 2017



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Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Image result for Measure

Some years ago,
This same measure,
Got filled with half
Of the current rate.
Generation Z knows not
the pain of my generation,
While my generation pities
Our Grannies,
Who almost got it all for free,
Who bought brand new cars
But now ride tokunbo cars,
We love appreciation,
Not depreciation,
All our money spent,
Without exceeding the same measure.
22:43 hrs
28th December 2016
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Friday, December 16, 2016



In Hausa language, the lingua Franca of Northern Nigeria, it means my friend.  It is already turning white in some parts of the world and it is currently hazy here. I wish you a beautiful Christmas in advance.  

As a country, we have been battling Boko Haram in the last few years and it has led  to the death of many people both civilian and military. Our hearts are with their families and we pray that they will be eternally consoled. Let's dig deep as we discuss internally displaced and externally displaced in various lights. Both displacement can be summed up in a Yorùbá proverb "eniti o so ile nu ti so apo iya ko" meaning he who has lost his identity has keep a bag of torture.

The internally displaced people are those that have been sacked from their homelands and they are refugees in their fatherland. Unfortunately, the reports are more disheartening because they are malnourished and the funds that should be used in catering for them is being embezzled in their country of birth. The government keeps paying lips service to optimally caring for them. 

Another set of internally displaced people are those who are neither accepted in the city they reside and their country home. This is evident in documents such as state of origin, local government identification letter, Federal Character and others in Nigeria. All of these have reduced the opportunities available to people and this has led to brain drain.

The externally displaced people are those have lost their sense of their own identity based on some external influences despite being in close proximity to their culture and language. I strongly believe that regardless of the level of foreign civilisation, if your own culture is not promoted, it will die a natural death. 

Some years ago, we were having Generation X and now, we are having Generation Z. People are getting lost even in their homeland. There are many families resident in the cities who neither know their country home nor are told about the place. The question, "who will build and promote your country home?"

Either you are internally or externally displaced, you can rewrite your history; you can create a new order. If you are internally displaced, brace up to rebuild your home community; if you are internally displaced, work towards improving your language & country home with your expertise if you are externally displaced.

Whatever you do differently will engrave your name on the roll call of honour one day.

Have a nice transition into 2017.


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