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Thursday, July 06, 2017



I have come to you in Swahili language of Kenya, I said ‘my friends’. Like I will ask my real friends, ‘What’s up? How are you doing?’ If I spoke in Pidgin English, I would say ‘Wetin dey happen? How dey go dey go?’
It’s been raining all the days of this week; the Heavens have opened seriously and the downpour has no limit; it does not mind whose ox is gored neither is the rain conscious of those who resides on the floodplains.
Everywhere is wet and everyone is drenched. Interestingly, human and vehicular movement has not come to a halt. Everyone has found a way around it; you either use an umbrella or a raincoat. Let’s think together in today’s Versus Series.

Umbrella is designed to protect a person against rain or sunlight. The word "umbrella" typically refers to a device used for protection from rain and sun. As good as an umbrella is, it does cover the head effectively but does not cover the legs well. In fact, when the wind blows in the rain, the canopy of fragile umbrellas get blown off or gets totally destroyed. The protection of a laptop in a backpack might equally not be guaranteed. It is not all umbrellas that can be placed in the bag after the rain; it, sometimes, feels like a burden after usage.
Raincoat, also called a slicker, is a waterproof or water-resistant coat worn to protect the body from rain. The term rain jacket is sometimes used to refer to raincoats that are waist length. Modern raincoats are often constructed of breathable, waterproof fabrics. Students enjoy using raincoat more. They have their bag protected; however their faces are not. Immediately after the rain, a raincoat is dried up and placed in the bag.
What’s the crux of today’s discussion, get the appropriate measure to combat your challenge. For example, a security man will use both an umbrella and the raincoat while it is unnecessary for others. Remember, an umbrella can be used for the sun while a raincoat is not appropriate for usage in the sun.
Your predicament requires the best strategy and not just the strategy employed by someone else. Be dexterous and know the best way to solve your challenge.
Don’t be overwhelmed by the ‘rain’ around you; move towards your goal and experience brilliant success.
Enjoy the rest of the season!

Versus Series is a regular motivational piece of Peo Davies Communications, Nigeria. Join the conversation online by visiting or like our facebook page- or follow us on twitter- @peodavies.
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Thursday, June 15, 2017

French RSVP vs Nigerian RSVP

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Mambo vipi,

I bring you greetings from Kenya, by asking, ‘what’s up?’ in Swahili language.  So, the first half of the year is coming to a close. It has been mixed feelings across different circles. Our heart goes to those who lost their lives and properties in the inferno of yesterday in London.

Today, I will want to touch on parties typically called ‘Owanbe’, a word postulated by the Late General Robert Adeyinka Adebayo, former Governor of Western Region Nigeria. Every party has a stipulated budget, this primarily determines the provision to be made for the guests. We all have the good intentions when planning our parties so as not to fail our guests. Let us consider, RSVP in France and in Nigeria.

The acronym RSVP in French means Répondez s'il vous plaît meaning "Please respond", it is required by the party planner to confirmation if the person would honour the invitation. Also, some people use it in the context of "Regrets only", or a popular modern variation that implies "if you do not reply, that will be taken as an acceptance."

Interestingly, the comic definition of RSVP to Nigerians is “Rice and Stew Very Plenty”. I doff my cap for the person who created this, however, it has impacted negatively on planning a party. No one would mention it that he did not respond to ‘RSVP” to confirm availability. Also, people whose name are not listed on RSVP take offense as if they are not important in the organization of the party.

What’s the crux of the gist? When an invitation is not responded to, it leads to two basic situations- surplus provision or insufficient provision. Planning for an event is as important as the confirmation gotten from the guests.

Equally, when we are taking up other cultures, we should import it rightly into our environment so that we can give the desired result. Things should be placed in proper perspective if we want results akin to that of the originating culture.

Would you respond rightly to invitations henceforth?


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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sanctity of Imported and Exported products for Nigerians

Nigeria is a great country with a lot of consumer goods across the broad spectrum of the manufacturing industry. There are some products that are produced within our shores while some are imported from across the globe by both renowned international and national brands. Recently, there have been a lot of revelations about the quality of the products available to Nigerian consumers from within and outside the country.

I heard a story some years ago about the export of some alcoholic beverages from Nigeria to other parts of the world because it was believed that the quality of Nigerian beers were better than the one brewed in other regions of the world. It sounded nice that a finished product is being exported asides the traditional raw materials export.

Recent reports about Made in Nigeria edible products being discredited in Europe. The situation is both alarming and very disturbing. Some certified consumables by the National Food Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) have brought untold ridicule to the country. This makes one question the integrity of the products, the manufacturing companies and the government agencies.

Possibly, many companies pay their way through these government agencies while they keep expanding their production capacity in the country. The unwholesome practices that abound in the country makes it difficult to distinguish between the original products and the counterfeited ones.

Unfortunately, Nigeria are accustomed to damage control as a country; the media mostly get engaged to enlighten, educate and re-awake consumer’s interest in the product and the brand. This is usually after information have gone viral about the hazard of consuming these products. It is pertinent to mention that some of the chemical substances used in the manufacturing these items have adverse effect on the human anatomy over time. It also causes economic misfortune and untimely death for many Nigerians. Nigerians are not entitled to nursing illnesses for the profiteering sake of the companies.

Asides manufacturing products, there are challenges with food production too. According to BusinessDay newspaper of June 7, 2017, Odinaka Anudu and Josephine Okojie reported that the European Union rejected 24 food products for not meeting the stipulated standard. Major products rejected include groundnut, palm oil, sesame seed, beans. Groundnut was rejected because it contained aflatocin, while palm oil had a colouring agent that was carcinogenic. This is as a result of the extreme application of chemicals on these crops which in turn is dangerous for human health. BusinessDay summed it up by saying that many foods and finished products of Nigerian origin are rejected in other continents on the account of poor adherence to standards.

In another vein, poisonous substances are being imported from other countries of the world for different reasons. According to a comment in Business Day newspaper, Oluwadara Alegbeleye mentioned that Nigeria is a major importer of rice from Asia. Due to the rapid industrialization in that region the proximity of agricultural, smelting and mining activities to planting regions are postulated to contribute massively to the contamination of these rice. The United States Food and Drug Administration warns that long-term exposure to high levels of Arsenic may predispose humans to skin, bladder and lung cancers, as well as heart disease. Other adverse health effects include kidney damage, bone defects, hypertension and cancer have been attributed to lead, cadmium and mercury toxicity.

We have got to a stage where we import and export deadly consumables. This will also impact our economy negatively because many Nigerians in the diaspora might be denied access to their ‘delicacies’ which is believed to be nutritious. There is a need for all sectors of the economy to wake up to their responsibility in order to change the ill-perception that has betide the country. Government agencies like NAFDAC, Standard Organization of Nigeria, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health must come together to create a holistic team for effective quality control across board. Also, civil societies, Agriculture Extension officers and the media must not relent in their efforts to sensitize Nigerians about farm management practices, farm produces and other products available to Nigerians. This is one of the sure ways of increasing the life expectancy of our country as a whole.
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Thursday, May 11, 2017


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Watu Wangu,

I have gone as far as Kenya today to bring you greetings by saying, ‘My People’ in Swahili language. Good to speak to you again on this platform. As a strategic communicator, I will want to teach you something today, do not deviate from the key messages regardless of the barrage of questions from the media. Stay on point in your discussions per time.

There is a Yoruba saying, ‘to ba n gbo gbe, gbe, gbe, to  ba gbe, eyinkule re la o gbe si’ which means, if you are not involved in communal activities, the canister can be dropped in your premises. Times are changing so fast, if you don’t latch in, you will loss out!

Latching in is a way of becoming a part of the new development in your area of business and other areas of life, for example, there was nothing like e-commerce some years ago. E-commerce came and introduced some dynamism into the way business is done. Currently, people without shops are making great sales than those located with malls. Those who latched into this new trend are feeding through social media now.

Those who lose out are people who refuse to embrace technological evolution to remain relevant in the society. A lot of people have lost customers and businesses because they have held on fast to the tenets they have learnt ages ago. Such people have become archaic and irrelevance within a short space of time.

I charge you today to revolve with time so as not to be dissolved. The most important thing to remain relevant is to be TEACHABLE!

Teachable people latch in on all opportunities while people who hold on fast to old teaching will loss out.

Have a great day.


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Wednesday, May 10, 2017


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Once written to your guest
Now am the guest,
Telling the previous tales,
While in your tail.

The value addition,
For my evaluation, 
Cross examination
Of all information.

The duplicates of life,
Fantasy made fantastic,
Without a rife,
Am realistic! 

Let's roll together again,
We both make gains,
Collaborating gladly,
Doing it professionally.

15:27- Abu Dhabi
12:27- Lagos
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Designed By Olutayo Irantiola