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Wednesday, October 19, 2016



I travelled down from Bokkos Local Government area of Plateau State, Nigeria and I just said ‘My people’ in Kulere language. Hope your week has been great thus far?

In this pervasive world where we live. There are many clergymen that had been accused of committing heinous crimes against humanity most especially their congregation. This has caused people of other faiths to speak ill about them, their ministries and their faith.

In another vein, people who have written against a political administration, they get baited and eventually get entangled in some administrative mess at a later time usually mar their reputation for life. Let’s think together about ethical words and contradictory actions.

Ethical words are sayings that condemns a particular act; educate and encourage people to stick to the right lifestyle or admonish them to desist from doing what is totally wrong. Those who are usually guilty of this are influential people in the society ranging from religious leaders, celebrities, writers and other vocal people.

Contradictory actions are secret deeds that are against the ethical words that have been preached. Interestingly, people hardly forget these ethical words that have been said in the past; as such, one’s words becomes a trap that catches one.

Contradictory actions have made people to lose their respect and voice because their lives does not match their words. Brands have cancelled brand endorsement of celebrities for such things. Some people have committed suicide in other to cover up the shame of behaving contrary to their saying.

It is honourable to make ‘our yes, yes and our nay, nay’. It is a simple maxim that reflects integrity.


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Monday, October 17, 2016


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The media is currently inundated with the news of the impending reconstruction of Agbowo Shopping Complex, UI, Ibadan. I recall, with nostalgia, the contribution of Shop 16, Okay Pharmacy owned and managed by Pharmacist Clement Banji Okunlola, to my life from about age 10. I remember vividly that the only science course I ever desired was Pharmacy because of Daddy's life.

People from Okeho, a town in located in the Northern Hemisphere of Oyo State, live together both within and outside the community as a family. All I know is that my parents refers to Daddy Clement Okunlola as their brother. As such, I see him like a father too. As a matter of fact, my mum's interstate transfer of service from Lagos State to Oyo State was facilitated by Chief Oyemonla Okunlola, Daddy Clement’s elder brother.

From the time in which the transfer was effected, I followed my mum to the shopping complex from time to time till I gained my own "freedom of movement" within Ibadan metropolis and this made me visit the complex at will.

Before the introduction of GSM, as a boy who had a distant father resident in Port Harcourt; I usually follow my mum to receive the timed phone call of my dad. This is the model, he would have pre-informed them in the complex that he would be calling at a particular time on a particular day and we would go there with excitement to waiting for the proposed phone call. There are times when Daddy Okunlola would make the call whenever there was a delay.

As I frequented the complex, I had the opportunity to meet different notable people from Okeho, because Daddy Okunlola 's pharmaceutical shop is the rallying point of Okeho people. I met a lot of notable people from Okeho, this including the Onjo of  Okeho, HRM Oba Rafiu Osuolale Mustapha, Baba Babalola, late Dr Ladeji and many more. Daddy in his characteristic manner would introduce me to them.

Whenever I took ill, I preferred to walk the distance to Agbowo Shopping complex to complain. Daddy would give me all the needed medications.  Asides this, he gave me a lot of multivitamins because of the regular blisters in my mouth. Daddy Okunlola took full responsibility of our medical prescriptions. Also, at every visit, Daddy would engage me in a discussion centred on my life. I remembered going to the cyber cafe with him during the early days of the Internet in Ibadan.

Ten years ago, I had restlessly made an attempt at the organizing an International event, when Jeanette Slootbeek of Youth Incentives was to visit Nigeria.  The platform of invitation was Youth Alive, a radio magazine programme of Radio Kwara, Ilorin comprising of Mojisola Komolafe nee Odedele, Dr Tunde MF Ojo, Pharm. Dapo Ipadeola & Tunde Olusegun. We agreed to converge at the complex for a meeting and Moji complained of stomach cramps; I was helpless but in a fatherly way, Daddy Okunlola asked her what was wrong and she said it was menstrual pain. This was a first experience for me; he gave her drugs; she rested and we finally held our meeting.

During my postgraduate studies in the University of Ibadan, I usually keep my bag in the complex while I run in and out of classes. Even if I had a cause to buy foodstuff at Bodija market, I would keep it in the complex. If anyone needed to drop anything for me, I tell them to drop it at the complex.

I met a lot of people who worked with Daddy, Daddy had a lot of competent and loyal staff over the years who had progressed greatly in life. His leadership style made his staff faithful to him, such that the store was not shut down when he relocated to the United Kingdom. We met whenever he is within the shores of the country.

My heart is overwhelmed because with the impending reconstruction of Agbowo Shopping Complex, Shop 16 might eventually become history but the opportunity of having a part of my life modeled within the premises by Daddy Pharm Clement Banji Okunlola is a memory to always treasure. If Shop 16, Agbowo Shopping Complex is repossessed by Okeho, I would rejoice!

October 14, 2016
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Friday, October 14, 2016


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Matan Mwanmin,

How has been the month so far? I have not come to you recently but I am glad to sharing my thoughts with you today. I have come to you saying ‘Hello’ in Kulere language of Bokkos local government of Plateau State, Nigeria.

Many of us have the mind-set of becoming entrepreneurs later in life. However, we are either not prepared for the challenges ahead as such, we chicken out over time seeking solace in paid employment. As such, the age long quote has not lost its relevance, ‘If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs.’ Our dreams would either be unsung or sung.

An unsung business is the business that has a lot of intricacies that is jealously guided by the person who owned or discovered the idea. Such businesses are highly specialised and people are not taught how to do it not to talk of modernising the vision. In another vein, an unsung business is a business where the entrepreneur does not have the tenacity to wait till he break-even or breakthrough.

A sung business is Samsung. This is a business that started in 1938 in South Korea as a Grocery store. By 1940, it switched to the production of noodles, by 1950, it started Sugar Production, and by 1954, the company went into woollen mill cum
started selling insurance and security. In 1960, they started producing TV, in 1980, the company went into production of telephone switch board. Samsung died in 1987 and the company broke into four independent businesses- departmental stores, chemicals & logistics, paper & telecoms and electronics. In 1990, it delved into real estate, in 1993, the company was restructured and they went into production of memory chips. In 1995, they switched to liquid-crystal displays and they have been the world’s largest manufacturer of flat screen TV. In 2010, Samsung focussed on the production of smartphones. In 2016, they have outsold iPhone. Samsung has undergone many metamorphoses but they retained their brand name.

This is a journey of tenacity. One of the things that we lack around use here is the ability to bequeath your business unto your children who should modernise it with their level of exposure and education. I am not saying that children should be forced into a particular line of career but parents should know how to make children- buy into, invest in and develop their businesses.

Before you become sung, you would have sworn to maintain your dream and vision. There would be time for modification of your idea, restructuring of the dream and many more.

Keep building your dreams regardless of the hurdles.

Have a great weekend.


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Tuesday, October 11, 2016


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The Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso is a project that must not fail. The school which has once been the pride of old Oyo State must not be left to crash at this stage when the two partnering states have left the institution to rot.

This school have produced brilliant minds but now it has turned to a virtual battleground where academic, non-academic staff and students have been rendered hopeless based on the tussle between the two states. The two states involved have no moral right to own other universities when this project cannot be sustained. The assets of the school should have been shared since the creation of Osun State- moreso, the Teaching Hospital in Oshogbo and the other arms of the University in Ogbomoso.

The present predicament of the school is uncalled for, the students that have been locked out of the school for no just cause should be pitied. There are many young people in other nations of the world now that have left the shores of Nigeria during protracted industrial actions that is customary to the Nigeria educational sector.

The Governor Isiaka Abiola Ajumobi led administration should look into how to resuscitate the University that bears the name of a foremost leader located in the historical town of Ogbomoso. The school cannot remain locked based on a deadlock between the two states. The PPP investment that is being sort for the newly Technical University should be not either replace Lautech or be given priority at the expense of Lautech.

A similar situation had happened in the old Ondo State. Ondo and Ekiti States had the University of Ado-Ekiti and when the Ekiti State was carved out of the old Ondo State, the university was ceded to the new state while Ondo State went to build another university. Incidentally, Federal Government maintained Obafemi Awolowo University and the University of Ibadan in the old Oyo State, as such, the Oyo State Government must be ready to keep nurturing the two universities concurrently without any rift.

The children of the masses should not be totally denied access to quality education. If a state owned institution rot away, then a large chunk of the society has been disenfranchised.
The immediate past administration of Chief Adebayo Alao-Akala did everything to ensure that it takes ownership of the University campus at Ogbomoso from Osun State while the state takes ownership of the Osogbo Teaching Hospital but people felt it was because the Governor hails from Ogbomoso but it is now obvious that it is for the collective good of the masses.

Lautech must rise again- Lautech must keep training student, Lautech should be fully shared amongst the two states and Lautech alumni must continue to make Nigeria proud!
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Wednesday, October 05, 2016


There are a lot of pedestrian bridges in Lagos and this has safeguarded many lives from being knocked down by vehicles on the highway. However, it is not all pedestrians’ uses these bridges as some still prefer to cross the road. Also, it must be added that these bridges serve as home to beggars, sellers and in fact, petty thieves.

The bridges in this report are located at Fadeyi; Idi-Iroko and Ketu respectively. It must be said that there are other bridges in between located at Onipanu, Palmgroove, Obanikoro, Anthony before Idi-Iroko, thereafter the Ojota bridge before Ketu.

Herein are the difference in pictures of these three bridges:

Displaying 20160822_135803.jpg
Fadeyi bridge 
Displaying 20160822_135815.jpg
Fadeyi bridge
The Fadeyi bridge is the most recently of these bridges by the administration of Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN and it has all the facilities to support disabled; well covered and the foot-traffic is heavy.

Displaying 20160822_145934.jpg
The stretch of the bridge across the road, Idi Iroko bridge

Displaying 20160822_145844.jpg
Idi-Iroko bridge by Maryland Shopping Mall

The Idi-Iroko bridge is a quiet bridge on the extreme of the Independence tunnel with minimal foot traffic in this residence area turned business area and recently boosted by the advent of Maryland shopping mall. However, the bridge is equally falling off.

Displaying 20160825_080848.jpg
The railings on the stretch of the Ketu bridge falling off

Displaying 20160825_080916.jpg
Beggars on the lower rung of the Ketu bridge
The Ketu bridge aging because it is located in a densely populated residential area. The bridge also has a lot of beggars begging for alms on the lower rung of the bridge and some of the railings are currently falling off.

Conclusively, these bridges have different ages; various foot-traffic on daily basis and at this point, they need refurbishment and soon, might need to be reconstructed as they have varying degrees of deterioration.
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